A summer program will be offered that is a separate program from the academic year. An activity fee and registration feel will be charged. Regular tuition will also be paid following the stipulation under PAYMENT OF FEES AND LATE CHARGES listed under the “Admissions” tab. Permission forms signed by parents and field trips, swimming and water play are necessary for each child. Parents who register their children for the summer program must pay for the entire summer session.


Snacks are provided at 8:30am and at 2:30pm for CDC students. The school shall provide all meals and snacks for CDC students. Meals and snacks for children with special dietary needs shall be provided in accordance with child’s needs verified by written instruction from a licensed physican. A well-balanced lunch is provided daily. Menus will be posted monthly. Due to an increase in food allergies, an emergency action plan has been developed and will be implemented by our volunteer nursing staff, office staff and administration.


2 1/2 through 4 year olds:

Your child should be dressed in suitable, loose, comfortable play clothes for indoor and outdoor wear. Shoes must be appropriate for play. In adjusting to new surroundings and situations, young children are apt to have toileting accidents. For these reasons, a complete change of seasonal clothing (clearly marked with the child’s name) must be kept at school at all times for children 2 1/2 thorugh k-5. Children must have a sheet and blanket or two sheets to use at rest time. Parents are responsible for taking these items home for laundry on Friday and returning them on Monday.

Parents are strongly encouraged to mark ALL items (clothings, tote bags, books, sheets, etc.). Please mark your childn’s name clearly. Teachers will do their best to see that none of your child’s articles are misplaced.

K-5 through Academy:

Students will be in uniform at all times unless notified by the school office. Parents may not give permission for their child to be out of uniform. The school reserves the right to remove and keep students out of classrooms if the uniform regularions are not followed. The appropriate uniform for the students of the CDCA shall consists of the following:


Blue/Green jumper, skirt, culottes, white blouse (Peter Pan collar), blue or white socks, or navy blue slacks, white blouse (Peter Pan collar), red sweater, blue or white socks.

Girl’s hair shall be neatly combed and should not contain color that the Administrator of the CDCA deems inappropriate.

Girls shall be allowed to wear earrings or pierced earrings. It is recommended that the pierced hoop earrings not be worn due to the possible injur to your child or other children.

Dress code infractions shall include but not be limited to the wearing of nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip rings, tongue rings, navel rings, or ankle bracelets by the students of the CDCA.


White oxford shirt, navy blue slacks, red sweater, blue or white socks. Pants should not have topstitching in any color. There should not be labels on the outside of the slacks. No sandels, boots, or blue jeans or permitted. “No uniform” days are designated by the Administrator or special celebrations.

Boys shall wear their hair cut, neatly trimmed on the sides and back. Dress code infractions shall include but not be limited to any hairstyle (i.e., braids, rattaisl, twigs and dread locks) or hair color that the Administrator deems inappropriate for male students.

Dress code infractions shall include but not limited to the wearing of any type of earrings or other jewelry (i.e., large necklaces that the Administration of the CDCA deems inappropriate for male students.)