Financial Commitment

It is expected that upon enrolling, each family understands that they are making a full year (10 month) commitment to FMBC-CDCA. Every family must sign a financial agreement form prior to the first day of school.  FMBC-CDCA must use these financial agreements to properly staff the school.  Tuition pays the salaries of the teaching and support staff.


Tuition is based on a full year (10 months).  It is as follows:

CDC           K-2 ~ K-5

Yearly* $ 4,650.00
Semester* $ 2,325.00
Monthly $465.00
Bi-Weekly $ 233.50
Weekly $ 116.50


Academy    1st – 5th  Grades

Yearly* $ 3,800.00
Semester* $ 1,900.00
Monthly $380.00
Bi-Weekly $ 190.00
Weekly $ 95.00


Afterschool Care**$      30.00 / weekly

(Academy Only )

Late Fees $10.00
Lunch $2.00/daily


(Academy Only)

Summer Session: $760.00

*   10% discount for parents choosing to pay by the semester or yearly.

**  An additional agreement must be signed for Afterschool enrollment.

Payment of Fees and Late Charges

  1. There shall be NO REDUCTION in tuition for holidays, teacher workdays, Spring Break, snow days or a short illness period.  Months with holidays such as November and December, have the same tuition rate.
  1. Tuition is due as follows:


  • Payment Due:  First of each month
  • Late:  After the 3rd


  • Due:  Monday – every other week
  • Late:  Every other Wednesday morning


  • Due:  Monday of each week
  • Late:  Wednesday morning

We ask all parents / guardians to keep all accounts up-to-date. There shall be a $ 10.00 late charge for fees not paid by late date.

For the month of December, it is imperative that all student accounts have a zero “balance due” by the 3rd Friday of that month. Delinquent accounts are subject to late fees and termination of enrollment.

For the month of May, it is a requirement that all accounts must have a zero “balance due” by the 10th of the month. No Exceptions. This is very important because the school must finalize all accounts and have funds to pay teachers/staff before summer. No balances may carry over into summer school.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a hold being placed on transcripts, final report cards and testing results. Also, non-compliance may result in the student(s) not being allowed to complete the school term.

  1. Parents that are late picking up their child(ren) will be charged a penalty of $15.00 for the first 5 minutes and $1.00 per minute for every minute thereafter.
  1. Book and Extracurricular Fees etc., must be paid before admission into FMBC-CDCA.Book fees are based on class assignment.  These fees are non-refundable.
  1. Methods of payment are as follows:
  • Cash – received in finance office only.
  • Credit/Debit – received in finance office only.
  • Checks* – may be placed in drop box of finance office.

*If paying by check the following must be visible on the check:

  • Current address & phone number
  • Starter checks
  • 2nd or 3rd party checks
  1. Returned check fee:

There is a $ 36.00 return check fee on any returned check.  Once a check has been returned to FMBC-CDCA for any reason that account must be paid with cash or credit card only.

  1. A child(ren) will be dropped from the School’s enrollment if his/her account is two weeks past due and no special payment arrangements have been made.
  1. Two weeks notice is required before withdrawing a child from FMBC-CDCA.If the child attends school one day during a moth and later withdraws, tuition must be paid for the entire month.
  1. Please DO NOT send cash or checks by your child or give tuition monies to his/her teacher.You may mail your payment directly to school to the attention of the FMBC-CDCA Finance Office, pay in the person, or place your payment in the drop box located on the Finance Office door. (checks only)
  1. Discounts are as follows for those who qualify:
  • 10% – First Missionary Baptist Church Members
  • 14% – Second Child Discount
  • 14.5% – Third Child Discount
  1. End of the year Tax Summaries will be available upon request.