The Trustee Board serves as the overseer of the church’s business matters and properties. The primary purpose of the Board is to make sure that the Church is a comfortable and safe place for people to meet together and to meet God. The Board accomplishes this by overseeing all of the administration, purchase, sale and maintenance of church’s properties, acting as the legal representative for the church in matters pertaining to financial obligations, protection and management. The Trustee Board serves along with the Pastor and Deacons as members of the Official Board of the Church. Members are appointed by the Pastor and approved by the Official Board.

Meeting time: Every Tuesday before the first Sunday of each month, 5:30pm

Ann Davis
Ronnie Davis
Chair of Trustee Ministry
Thomas Holden
Chair, Personnel Committee
Vernotto McMillan
Chair, O&M Committee
Darryl Pope
Hundley Batts, Sr.
Darrell Quarles
Shelia Nash-Stevenson
Assistant Secretary
Alvin Hopkins
Joe Winston