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Deaconesses Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry's purpose is to join the congregation in becoming one of the most loving churches in the world by using Jesus’ examples of servanthood. Appointed by the Pastor, the Deaconess assist the Pastor and the Deacons in the preparation of the Holy Communion, Baptism and in caring for the membership during sickness and bereavement. Leadership goals of the Deaconess Ministry are to look for opportunities to become a helper of many, a praying servant of God by praying for the Pastor, Deacons, and congregation constantly, an example to younger women in all areas of life, to encourage all women to grow in their spiritual journey in servanthood, studying God’s word and fellowship.


Tina Betts (1).jpg

Willistine Betts


Bobbie Burress (1).jpg

Bobby Bradley-Burruss


B Vinson Foster (1).jpg

Beatrice Vinson-Foster

Assistant Parliamentarian

Laura Chalk-Assistant Chaplain.jpg

Laura Chalk

Assistant Chaplain

Harriett Littlepage.jpg

Harriett Littlepage


Denise Long (1).jpg

Denise Long


Melany McElroy (1).jpg

Malene McElroy

Assistant Secretary

Janet Pea (1).jpg

Janet Pea


Debra Scruggs (2).jpg

Debra Scruggs



Erlene Adams.jpg

Erlene Adams

Joyce Arterberry (2).jpg

Joyce Arterberry

Gloria Batts (1).jpg

Gloria Batts

Kim Brown (3).jpg

Kimberly Brown

Nell Carodine.jpg

Nell Carodine

Nell Carodine.jpg

Doris Conerly

DeAndra Cowan (1).jpg

DeAndra Cowan

Pamela Curry (1).jpg

Pamela Curry

Veronica Curtis-Richie.jpg

Veronica Curtis-Richie

Cheryl Davis (1).jpg

Cheryl Davis

Flo Davis (1).jpg

Flora Davis

Paulette Davie (1).jpg

Paulette Davy

Judy Edmond (2).jpg

Judy Edmond

Linda Fitzpatrick.jpg

Linda Fitzpatrick

Thelma Fuqua- Deceased.jpg

*Thelma Fuqua

Lelia Gray.jpg

Lelia Gray

Shirley Green (1).jpg

Shirley Greene

Phyllis Harris.jpg

Phyllis Harris

Mildred Henderson.jpg

Mildred Henderson

Rhoda Hutchinson.jpg

*Rhoda Hutchinson

Beverly Lampley.jpg

Beverly Lampley

LaDonna McCann.jpg

LaDonna McCann

Bobbie Moore (2).jpg

Bobbie Moore

Mildred Morris (1).jpg

Mildred Morris

Joyce Olgosby (2).jpg

Joyce Oglesby

Arnatta Poole (1).jpg

Arnatta Poole

Carnell Phillips.jpg

Carnell Phillips

Dianne Pidgeon (2).jpg

Diane Pidgeon

Mary Robinson.jpg

Mary Robinson

Angela Scruggs (3).jpg

Angela Scruggs

Annie Smith.jpg

Annie Smith

Flo Stallworth (1).jpg

Florastein Stallworth

Girtha Thompson (2).jpg

Girtha Thompson

Tanya Thompson (1).jpg

Tanya Thompson

C Twitty (2).jpg

Cynthia Twitty

Mary Vickers.jpg

Mary Vickers

Elizabeth Ware (1).jpg

Elizabeth Ware

Vinetta Wesley.jpg

Vinetta Wesley

Carolyn Williams (2).jpg

Carolyn Williams

* Deceased

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