There are several ways to transfer things of value to the Foundation.

Direct contributions of cash or property: Cash contributions of any amount are accepted at any time by the Foundation. A contribution to the Foundation is an excellent way to honor the memory of a deceased person or to honor a living person or group. Every gift is acknowledged to the donor, and the honoree, or family of the honoree. Gifts of real property, personal property, or securities are also accepted at any time.

Gifts by bequests: These gifts may be made for a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or a specific property such as real estate, securities, or tangible personal property. If a person decides to include the Foundation in their will, simply notify the Board so that they can fully understand the donor’s wishes and properly document and acknowledge the gift.

Gifts of Life Insurance: One may purchase a new policy or give an existing policy that has outlived its original purpose. Life insurance has become a popular way to contribute substantial sums for a relatively small investment.