First Missionary Baptist Church

The Church that seeks to glorify God and edify humanity
Rev. Dr. Don Darius Butler, Pastor
Rev. Dr. Julius R. Scruggs, Pastor Emeritus

FMBC Ministries

FMBC desires to meet the needs of our congregation. We accomplish this through our ministries. Ministries mean service!

FMBC ministers by meeting people’s needs with love and humility on Christ’s behalf, whether the people are believers or non-believers. At FMBC, our ministries place emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that all will come to know Him and receive Him as their personal savior. We do this by ministering to spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, vocation, and financial needs. All are welcome to share their gifts through our ministry.

We seek to glorify God and edify humanity.

Church Family Ministries


The goal of the Brotherhood Organization is to equip men to be servant-leaders in their families, church and the world by helping to create an environment where a vital relationships with God and man can be nurtured.

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The goal of the Women Ministry is to promote spiritual growth, fellowship and unity among the women of our Church.

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The goal of Keenage Ministry is to provide opportunities where our senior members can remain actively involved in the church and community.

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Children & Youth

The goal of the Children and Youth Ministry is teach and revealed the Word of God to the young people of our Church.

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Young Adults

The goal of the Young Adult Ministry is to provide opportunities for the young adults of our Church to study and spread the Word of God.

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Music & Worship Arts Ministries

Choirs for Young People

The goal of the Choirs for Young People is to promote spiritual growth through serious study of religious music.

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Choirs for Adults & Young Adults

It is our goal to develop and provide spiritual opportunities for adults singer and instrumentalists to use their gifts to worship and praise God.

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Praise In Motion

The goal of the Praise Dance is to provide powerful opportunities to worship God through the beauty of movement and dance.

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Mission & Outreach Ministries

Healing Touch Ministry

The goal of the Healing Touch Ministry is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS through prevention education, HIV testing and counseling,…

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Missionary Society

The goal of the Missionary Society is to create mission awareness and to develop and implement programs of missions that will help to balance the needs of our community, nation and foreign nations with the resources of the Church as much as we can.

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Jail & Prison

The goal of the Jail and Prison Ministry is to evangelize, encourage and equip those in jail or prison with the Word and Promises of Jesus Christ so that they can be empowered to successfully transition back into society upon release from jail or prison.

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The goal of the Witnessing Teams is to increase the body of believers by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The goal of the Fellowship of University Students Ministry is to minister to the spiritual, emotional, educational, social, and cultural needs of students attending colleges and universities in our community.

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The goal of the Benevolence Ministry is to make God's grace and love real to others.

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This ministry has as its goal to undergird with prayer, everyone and everything that is done at FMBC. This ministry’s…

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Congregational Care Ministries

Bereavement/Grief Care

The Bereavement and Grief Care ministry gives comfort, prayer, encouragement, and assistance to FMBC members and families when there has been a death in the family.

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Cancer Support

The Cancer Support ministry serves others with activities for cancer awareness, education, advocacy and spiritual support through prayer.

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The Health, Fitness and Aerobics Ministry creates a Christian setting for learning, practicing, and maintaining healthy bodies.

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The Recreation ministry organizes recreational activities for FMBC members and non-members to gather for fun and fellowship. An example is…

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Financial Management

The Financial Management ministry presents Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) which teaches God’s ways of handling money through video instruction, class discussions, and interactive small group activities.

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Lay Ministers

Lay ministers are FMBC members assigned to several FMBC families to establish and maintain close relationships and support them in prayer.

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Service Ministries


The Greeters ministry’s objective is to create a warm, inviting, and welcoming church atmosphere for all who attend worship services and special events at FMBC.

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The Ushers ministry’s objective is to welcome FMBC members and visitors by assisting in seating, collecting and presenting the offerings, and helping in emergency situations involving safety and/or health.

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The Nursery ministry exists to provide a safe and nurturing place for children too young to attend worship services including Children’s Church.

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The Floral ministry uses decorative flowers to enhance the Church atheistically and provide a pleasant atmosphere for worship and fellowship during various church activities.

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Medical Aid

The Medical Aid ministry gives comfort and medical assistance to members and others due to illness or injury during worship services and special events.

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The Communications ministry’s objective is to communicate the Gospel and the love of God to the FMBC congregation, the local community, the nation, and the world utilizing all available communications technology.

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The Bus/Van ministry provides transportation for members and visitors who desire to attend FMBC church services, ministry activities and other events.

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Pulpit Hospitality

The Pulpit ministry is responsible for providing items needed in the Pulpit by the Pastor, ministerial staff, and visitors.

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The Parking ministry is responsible for assisting members and visitors in the parking lot as they arrive and leave church activities and events.

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The Security ministry ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone in and around the church facility.

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Pastoral Committee

The Pastoral Committee provides personalized care to our guest preachers and speakers during their visit at the First Missionary Baptist Church.

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