Service Ministries serve God by serving others. They provide a variety of services to FMBC members and visitors for worship, transportation, communications, security and hospitality. The goal of these activities is to intentionally, and in a practical way, make the Church’s motto a reality: “to become one of the most loving churches in all the world.” The service ministries create and communicate an environment of love, caring, encouragement, and safety for all who seek to worship God at FMBC.

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The Greeters ministry’s objective is to create a warm, inviting, and welcoming church atmosphere for all who attend worship services and special events at FMBC.


The Ushers ministry’s objective is to welcome FMBC members and visitors by assisting in seating, collecting and presenting the offerings, and helping in emergency situations involving safety and/or health.


The Nursery ministry exists to provide a safe and nurturing place for children too young to attend worship services including Children’s Church.


The Floral ministry uses decorative flowers to enhance the Church atheistically and provide a pleasant atmosphere for worship and fellowship during various church activities.

Medical Aid

The Medical Aid ministry gives comfort and medical assistance to members and others due to illness or injury during worship services and special events.


The Communications ministry’s objective is to communicate the Gospel and the love of God to the FMBC congregation, the local community, the nation, and the world utilizing all available communications technology.


The Bus/Van ministry provides transportation for members and visitors who desire to attend FMBC church services, ministry activities and other events.

Pulpit Hospitality

The Pulpit ministry is responsible for providing items needed in the Pulpit by the Pastor, ministerial staff, and visitors.


The Parking ministry is responsible for assisting members and visitors in the parking lot as they arrive and leave church activities and events.


The Security ministry ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone in and around the church facility.

Pastoral Committee

The Pastoral Committee provides personalized care to our guest preachers and speakers during their visit at the First Missionary Baptist Church.