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Deacon's Ministry

The Deacon Ministry is comprised of a faithful assembly of God’s servants appointed by the Pastor. Members serve under the leadership and spiritual direction of the Pastor and are loyal to him and the church in prayer, support, encouragement and fellowship. The ordinances of the Baptist Church are Holy Communion and Baptism and the Deacons assist the Pastor in carrying out these ordinances. Consistent connection between the Pastor and the congregation is the key to growth, peace and harmony within the church and this ministry accomplishes this goal with the “Family Watch Care” ministry. This intra-congregational ministry connects each individual and family member of the church with a Deacon and serves as the adjunct to the Pastorate, aiding in counseling, prayer and support of the entire membership. Deacons serve as members of the Official Board of the Church.


Tommie Batts- Treasurer.jpg

Tommie Batts


Maurice Cowan- Secretary.jpg

Maurice Cowan


Sydney Hutchinson- Deacon Emeritus.jpg

Sydney Hutchinson

Deacon Emeritus

Willie Littlepage- Deacon Emeritus.jpg

Willie Littlepage

Deacon Emeritus

Carlos Long-Vice Chair Deacon Ministry.j

Carlos Long


Melvin McCann- Assistnt Secretary.jpg

Melvin McCann

Assistant Secretary

Judge Posey-Deacon Emeritus.jpg

Judge Posey

Deacon Emeritus

Prince Preyer, Jr.- Dacon Emeritus.jpg

Prince Preyer, Jr.

Deacon Emeritus

Ernie Robinson-Chaplain.jpg

Ernie Robinson


David Thompson (2).jpg

David Thompson

John Vickers-Deacon Emeritus.jpg

John Vickers

Deacon Emeritus


Anthony Adams.jpg

Anthony Adams

Ted Arterberry (2).jpg

Ted Aterberry

Denver Betts (1).jpg

Denver Betts, Sr.

Charley Buress (2).jpg

Charley Burruss

Gilliam Carpenter.jpg

 Gilliam Carpenter

Deacon Emeritus

Leonard Chalk.jpg

 Leonard Chalk

Deacon Emeritus

Tommie Coleman (1).jpg

Tommy Coleman

Ronnie Davis (2).jpg

Ronnie Davis

Earnest Davis.jpg

Earnest Davis


Robert Davy, Sr..jpg

Robert Davy, Sr.

Deacon Emeritus

Willie Campbell.jpg

Isaac Edmond, Jr.

Willie Fitzpatrick.jpg

Willie Fitzpatrick

Mack Green (1).jpg

McCleney Greene

Leonard Harris.jpg

Leonard Harris

Joseph Henderson.jpg

Joseph Henderson

Joe Lampley.jpg

 Joe Lampley

Deacon Emeritus

Ovetta Hobson (2).jpg

Ovetta Hobson

Melvin Mayo.jpg

Melvin Mayo

Sam McElroy.jpg

Sam McElroy

Alfred Moore.jpg

Alfred Moore

Daniel Mose, II.jpg

Daniel Mose, II

Allen Poole (2).jpg

Allen Poole

J Oglesby (1).jpg

James Oglesby

John Pea (2).jpg

John Pea

Donald Outland.jpg

Donald Outland

Wilman Pidgeon.jpg

Wilman Pidgeon

C Scruggs (2).jpg

Charles Scruggs

Michael Scruggs.jpg

Michael Scruggs

Morris Smith.jpg

Morris Smith

John Stallworth.jpg

John Stallworth

Huey Thompson.jpg

Huey Thompson

Robert Ware.jpg

Robert Ware

Arthur Wesley (1).jpg

Arthur Wesley, II

Eddie Williams (1).jpg

Eddie Williams

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