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The mission of the FMBC Foundation is to enable the members and others to perpetuate Baptist faith and discipleship through the support of biblically-based initiatives to serve the needs of the membership and others in and beyond the local church. The Foundation was created in 2009 as a separately incorporated, nonprofit, tax-exempt, public foundation sponsored by the membership of FMBC.

The contributions received by the Foundation are invested in a balanced portfolio with oversight of its Board of Directors. Only the earnings from the investments are available for grants. All guidelines regarding the contribution, investment, use and disbursement of Foundation funds are determined by the Foundation bylaws.


How Funds Are Used

The bylaws of the Foundation designate that funds may be used in the following areas:

Missions: to support special foreign mission projects/home missions and community projects. This fund will give financial grants to projects that support spiritual and physical needs to include, but not limited to, medical services, disaster relief, construction and repair, preaching and teaching.

Education: to advance Christian education and to support institutions of theological education committed to the training of pastors and Christian educators.

Capital Improvements: projects in this area are restricted for FMBC emergency purposes.

Supplemental Christian Counseling: to augment the FMBC spiritual counseling ministry through providing funds for outsourcing family and marital counseling, providing counselor training, and literature to provide a viable infrastructure for lay counseling.

Giving to the Foundation

There are several ways to transfer things of value to the Foundation.

Direct contributions of cash or property: Cash contributions of any amount are accepted at any time by the Foundation. A contribution to the Foundation is an excellent way to honor the memory of a deceased person or to honor a living person or group. Every gift is acknowledged to the donor, and the honoree, or family of the honoree. Gifts of real property, personal property, or securities are also accepted at any time.

Gifts by bequests: These gifts may be made for a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or a specific property such as real estate, securities, or tangible personal property. If a person decides to include the Foundation in their will, simply notify the Board so that they can fully understand the donor’s wishes and properly document and acknowledge the gift.

Gifts of Life Insurance: One may purchase a new policy or give an existing policy that has outlived its original purpose. Life insurance has become a popular way to contribute substantial sums for a relatively small investment.

For additional information on making contributions to the Foundation please contact:

Tomekia Fuzzell


Requesting Funds from the Foundation

The following documentation must be submitted to the Foundation with each grant application.

  • Annual organizational budget

  • Two endorsement letters from organizations or individuals who have utilized or benefitted from the mission/services of the requesting organization

  • Budget for the project for which funding is requested

  • 501(c)(3) documentation, if applicable


In addition to the above, the requesting organization can submit any supplemental materials (pictures, newspaper/newsletter articles, brochures, budget information, etc.) that may be useful to the committee when evaluating the request.

Grant applications must be submitted by August 31 to receive consideration for funding in the same year. The Foundation meets quarterly (February, May, August, and November). Grants will be evaluated quarterly. Requests should be submitted to the following address:


First Missionary Baptist Church Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Tomekia Fuzzell
3509 Blue Spring Road
Huntsville, AL 35810


To request funds from the Foundation, Click Here to complete and download the application.

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